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13 Simple Homemade Wooden Birdhouse Ideas

13 Simple Homemade Wooden Birdhouse Ideas

Winter is just around the corner. So are a bunch of other holidays and end-of-year craziness. Who has time to make birdhouses? It may be easier than you think.

Providing shelter for your favorite backyard birds doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. The birds will just be happy to have a place to rest.  If you intend to keep them up longer, be sure the opening is the proper size and not too big.

Here are a few simple homemade wooden birdhouse ideas. You can buy one assembled and paint it – fun idea for a paint-and-sip, or have your kids paint it – even better! It may be just the thing to help you get your mind off things for a little while and help the birds.

Simple birdhouse design painted in bright yellow to add a spash of color

Cute curved design with a rustic roof painted in blue with flowers

This house looks like it was embellished with popsicle sticks or simple wooden shapes.

This wooden cabin is a more advanced design, attached to the top of a fence post

Two simple wooden birdhouses placed next to each other for a duplex

Very creative use of recycled material using golf balls to make the ultimate Birdie House

Why settle for one? These were made from fence panels .

Understated Octogon design that appears to be in a formal garden

Fun camper design, a little more challenging to make

These are similar designs.  The Star opening is super-cute, but definitely not suitable for nesting in the spring.

Saved the best for last!  I love the design of this beautiful simple house!


Finally, after scouring the web for a simple DIY plan, check out this 5 minute plan using simple tools and nails (not glue!) from one 6′ fence post.  I’m going to make one soon!

In Summary, I hope you found an idea or two to add a birdhouse to your backyard for the winter.  These are intended for shelter, not nest building.  However, if the opening is small enough for wrens and chickadees, it may OK to leave up in the spring.  

Happy Birding!

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