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Five Fun Bird Feeders for Under $25

Five Fun Bird Feeders for Under $25

With cooler temperatures quickly approaching, it’s time to think about our feathered friends. Winter is the best time to feed birds because their food sources are extremely limited. We also tend to spend more time indoors. Add bird watching to your list of winter activities.

By offering a variety of feeders and bird food, you will have the best chance to attract the most birds to your yard.  Get one for your yard or for your favorite bird-watching friend. You can also use this list for ideas to craft your own DIY feeder.

Here’s a list of five fun bird feeders for under $25:

Prices on Amazon as of 11/24/2020

1. Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups – $19.96

You can’t get any closer to the action with this window bird feeder! We have this feeder hanging on my husband’s office window and it is non-stop action. All. Day. Long. The squirrels cannot get to it because it’s about 20 feet from the ground and the nearest tree is too far for them to jump.

After a year of use, the feeder still looks great, there is no discoloration or scratches, that you might expect from constant action and getting a lot of sun.

It’s easy to clean and refill. He added a strip on top for the birds to land more easily, plus a perch “waiting line”.

2. American Heritage Squirrel Picnic Table $19.99

Yes, a picnic table for squirrels and anyone who cares to join them! This became popular in the Spring of 2020, when we were in lockdown for the pandemic. It was amusing to watch the squirrels at the picnic table.

This model is made from cedar and made in the USA. I would modify it a bit to add a mesh basket on the side, but this fun picnic table with help to keep squirrels away from your other feeders. Because, you know they’ll just find a way!

Ready to make your own? Here’s a free printable PDF plan from Charleston Crafted.

3. Set of 3 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders + BONUS ebook $24.97

I love this combo! Three bird feeders in bright primary colors will brighten up dull winter weather. You can add some variety in each feeder to attract different birds. It includes a bonus EBook and Bird Attraction Audio. They are even offering a friends and family discount. This is too good to pass up!

4. Gray Bunny Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder $19.97

Gray Bunny – just the name makes me want to recommend this feeder! This is a caged tube feeder with high ratings at a reasonable price. The big iron cage dicourages larger birds like cowbirds, grackles and jays. Give the smaller birds a safe way to get their seeds.

5. Bits and Pieces – Tree Face Birdfeeder $24.98


A few years ago, putting a face on trees became a thing. Here’s a new twist on the idea, in which the mouth extends out into bird seed portal.


So there you have it, five fun bird feeders to consider adding to your collection or for gifting to your best bird-watching pals. Of all the feeders presented here, the picnic table feeder is a potential DIY project.

No matter what choice you make, remember to clean feeders on a regular basis to preserve them for years to come and to keep our feathered friends safe.


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