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Pet Rabbit Photo Bloopers

Pet Rabbit Photo Bloopers

Photographing a pet rabbit is not always easy.  The rabbit needs to be comfortable and in familiar settings.  Here are a few bloopers from our Easter photo shoot.

Rufus-rabbit-Easter-Bunny-bloopers (3)

Rufus Rabbit is not quite finished with his snack.  

In order to photograph your pet rabbit, or just about any pet, a little snack helps to keep them interested.

Rufus-rabbit-Easter-Bunny-bloopers (2)

Caught exactly at the wrong moment – silly rabbit!

Be prepared to take a lot of photos.  In many cases, you will only have a short window of time before they become distracted and walk off the set.

Rufus-rabbit-Easter-Bunny-bloopers (1)

Here’s what I really think about this photo shoot!

Hope you enjoyed this super-quick post and have a few things to keep in mind for your next pet photo shoot.  Have a great day!

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