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For a new project, it was highly suggested that a full-frame camera was required. So, I decided to get the Canon EOS RP. It’s a full-frame, mirrorless camera. It’s also the least-expensive and with an adapter, will accommodate all my current lenses.

Here’s a few photos, a quick review and my first thoughts about the Canon RP.

1.  Frame Rate

First of all, I was not that excited about the mediocre 5 FPS, meaning it only shoots up to five photos in one second. The 7D Mark II shoots 10 FPS, in comparison.

2.  Battery Life

The battery life is not that great. A second battery – or more – is a must. After shooting for about 1.5 hrs, the battery signal was blinking. I’m used to going out for most of the day without changing a battery.

3.  Focusing

Focusing is a little weird and took some getting used to. The mirrorless system’s default settings are set so that it is ready to focus on the first subject it sees. It’s easy enough to correct the settings. This probably contributes to a larger battery drain.

4.  Settings

After tweaking some settings, I set out to a local favorite spot and purchased my season pass. The weather was cloudy with a few light rain clouds. Since it was really gray, I set the exposure to +1/3, f-stop 1/1000 and auto ISO. The 400mm is tacked on with the adapter.

5.  Noise

The brillants Peacock photos were shot through a fence. Luckily he was about halfway inside the enclosure and not too close up.   The settings were 1/1000 and 1600 ISO. I was really worried the ISO was too high. In normal situations, the 7DMII could barely handle 800 ISO without a lot a noise.

peacock 2 canon rp review

Brilliant Blue Peacock

Canon RP full-frame mirrorless camera:  1/1000, ISO 1600, 400mm

Second subject was a sleepy white fox. She barely opened her eyes for the shot, which is also cropped about 1/3.

sleepy white fox

Sleepy White Fox

Canon RP full-frame mirrorless camera:  1/1000, ISO 500, 400mm

Next, we have the landscaping crew. Why do I say that? Because their cousins raided our property over the winter and “trimmed” a significant amount of foliage off the evergreen trees. It is not good at all – just hoping the damage will grow back.

landscaping crew

Landscaping Crew – a pack of White-Tailed Deer

Canon RP full-frame mirrorless camera:  1/1000, ISO 2000, 400mm

Finally – an uncommon sighting – and perhaps my favorite photo: A pair of Double-Crested Cormorants! One was drying it’s wings and was looking left, it’s buddy on the right was looking right. I really like the composition. The photo was cropped about 50%. Anyway, the wing detail is impressive!

double-crested cormorants

Double-Crested Cormorants

Canon RP full-frame mirrorless camera:  1/1000, ISO 1600, 400mm


My first reaction thoughts about the camera – A quick Canon RP Review:


1. Lightweight and compact

Really comfortable to walk around with, but doesn’t feel flimsy.

2. Low light handling

Did a very impressive job at 1600 ISO – hardly needed any noise reduction at all.

3. Easy to use

Setup was pretty quick and easy to customize.

4. Image quality is sharp and bright

The full-frame provides adequate leeway for cropping without losing much quality.

5. Video button

The video on/off button is a single, seperate button that is easy to access.


1. Battery life

I knew this would be an issue. The battery is small to fit in the smaller camera body. Make sure you carry extras with you.

2.  Viewfinder

The digital viewfinder takes some getting used to.

3.  Frame Rate

Frame rate of 5 FPS is not great; however, there is a higher keeper ratio and less photos to review.

4.  Shutter Sound

The shutter sound is louder than I would have expected.  Noticeable sound not great for a church or museum.

5.  Video

Have not done much video testing at all. An extra software update may be reqired to test 60FPS and 4K.


Next tests will include multiple exposures, video and bracketing. Overall, I’m mostly impressed with the low-light handling. I got a great deal on the bundle, which included a 64MP card, lens adapter, case, monopod, cleaning kit, mini-tripod, small gorrilapod, microphone and LED light.

I’ll think I’ll keep it!

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